We drive a transparent Guaranteed Sales Result where others don’t. If we don’t hit our guarantee, we pay you back for what we missed. Once you hit your guarantee, every unit over is free. We also tailor-fit your investment to meet your budget.  

Digital Marketing Highlights

    • Through our patented solution, We monitor 95% of all Internet Connected Devices to identify Active Shoppers™ the Day they enter the market, putting your dealership’s exclusive message in front of them, driving them into your dealership with a Guaranteed Sales Result
    • We are the ONLY COMPANY that can identify Anonymous IP Addresses and turn them into Active Shoppers™, marketing your dealership’s exclusive message to them the entire time they are in market. 
    • We built tech that tracks every marketing touchpoint to deliver you multi-touch attribution and identity-level match back reporting. We’re talking about the ability to deliver industry-leading ROI, with a match back to sale for buyers inside and outside your database.
    • We have built our own Data source and do not buy from Polk, Experian etc. We track all below live 24 hours the day the customer enters the market and are the ONLY company who can provide this data. 
    • When an Active Shopper enters the market
    • Where they are shopping online
    • What makes/models they’re searching for
    • How long they’ve been shopping
    • Customers motivating buying factors
    • Customers buying intensity level
    • Average 12:1 ROI across the thousands of dealerships we work with. 

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